Jonas Jerebko has reportedly planned to sign with the Golden State Warriors after clearing his waivers.

The Utah Jazz waived Jerebko on Saturday in order to expand their cap space and give themselves another roster spot for a young player.

The 6-foot-10 big-man was used as a reliable role player during his time in Utah. The team used him to shoot quick jumpers and to expand their floor, while shooting the occasional three-pointer. He played significant minutes for the Jazz during the regular season, but when playoffs time came, he was used far less.

The nine-year NBA veteran suffered a devastating Achilles injury during his time with the Detroit Pistons, where he spent the first five seasons of his NBA career. He seemingly has fit into many rotations around the league as he has played for multiple teams, with the Jazz being no exception. Jerebko shot 41.4% from the three and finished with a career high 58% shooting overall.


The Warriors will likely view this as a valuable pick-up assuming the deal gets inked on Monday. After signing DeMarcus Cousins earlier in free agency, the Warriors will look to sign a three-and-d player to pair up with rookie Jacob Evans and help him throughout the season.

Jerebko will likely play a veteran role, similar to the way David West played with the team last year. The Swedish forward must be paid a guaranteed $4.2 million if he is picked up by the Warriors.

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