The Houston Rockets and star big-man Clint Capela are reportedly “far from” agreeing on a long-term contract, despite sources saying Houston feels “optimistic” about their chances of extending him this offseason.

Capela played a huge role in the Rockets’ Western Conference dominance that ultimately ended in the WCF, after losing in game seven to the Golden State Warriors. The 24-year-old became an elite player for the Rockets during the course of the 2017-2018 campaign averaging 13.9 points per game, 1.9 blocks and 7.6 defensive rebounding while shooting 65% from the field. He created space for James Harden and Chris Paul to work in the open floor while always being open for the lob, which kept the squad on defensive in a vulnerable position.


To get a better look at the shooting that Capela did for the Rockets last season, here’s a heat map from

Clint Capela

The first report published by Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronical states that on July 1st, the Rockets offered Capela $85 million in exchange for five more seasons with the team. The deal has also been reported to have incentives that could push the overall payout to around $90 million dollars. In recent hours though, a report has surfaced saying that the Rockets initially offered $60 million in exchange for four years of the big-man’s services. If the latter is true, then Capela will be hesitant to sign the deal as he has been on the record saying he thinks that he is worth somewhere near $100 million.

Considering the incredible season Capela had with the Rockets, the restricted free agency market will be a buzz with offers for him, even though many teams don’t have the cap space to give Capela the money. Of course, since Capela is a restricted free agent, this means that the Rockets have a chance to match the offer if Capela receives one from another team.


Capela has emerged as one of the best centers in the league and fully expects to get paid like an elite player. Houston will likely keep pushing to get him to agree as they have made extending him a top priority in this year’s troubling free agency.

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