Through the years, Draymond Green has been considered somewhat of an emotional player. He often plays with his heart on the sleeve and is a big reason for the Golden State Warriors’ success over the last few years. In addition to this, Draymond often speaks his mind when he feels like it. For example, towards the beginning of the season, teammates Draymond Green and Kevin Durant exchanged words in a heated argument during a match-up on the road in Los Angeles. So when Draymond saw an interview which featured Rudy Gobert, who the NBA world widely considered an All-Star snub, becoming emotional when asked about how tough it was to find out he hadn’t been selected, he typed out his thoughts on Twitter saying this:

Draymond talked with C.J. McCollum and Jordan Shultz on their podcast about why he responded to Gobert’s interview the way he did. Here’s what he said:

While players beefing online may be very entertaining for NBA fans like us, the best way for two players to settle their issues is on the court. Lucky for them, the two veteran big-men will get a chance to duke things out tonight when the Warriors face the Jazz in Oracle Arena at 10:30 PM on TNT.

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