According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Los Angeles Clippers have been fined $50,000 for violating the NBA’s anti-tampering rules. The stiff penalty comes in response to Clippers’ head coach Doc Rivers publicly praising Raptors’ star Kawhi Leonard on a recent ESPN interview, one in which the legendary coach said the following:

“He is the most like Jordan that we’ve seen. Like, there’s a lot of great players… LeBron is phenomenal, KD is phenomenal. Not that (Kawhi) is Jordan or anything like that, but he is the most like him.”

The 57-year-old veteran coach went on to praise Kawhi’s talented skill-set later on in the saying this:

“Big hands. Post game. Can finish. Great leaper. Great defender. In-between game. If you beat him to the spot, he bumps you off. And then you add his three-point shooting.”

Just moments after the interview went on the air, clips of it went viral on various social media platforms, leaving many NBA fans accusing Rivers of violating the NBA’s strict anti-tampering policy.

Below are several examples of fan’s reactions to the clips on social media:




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