Breaking: Leonard, George headed to the Clippers

According to ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the Los Angeles Clippers are acquiring both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George this offseason. The team organized a trade for George after the pair discussed playing together earlier in the offseason, with Kawhi even telling him to attempt to “force” his way to the Clippers. The Thunder hauled in all-rookie selection Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, veteran forward Danilo Gallinari, and at least four first-round draft picks in exchange for the six-time all-star, leaving their team clearly in rebuilding mode. As for Leonard, the Clippers intend to ink him to a four-year maximum deal, which would keep the reigning Finals MVP in LA for the foreseeable future.


Kawhi Leonard traded to Raptors

Kawhi Leonard has been traded to the Toronto Raptors in exchange for DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl, and a 2019 first round pick which is protected 1-20. In the deal, the Raptors also received a solid role player in Danny Green.

toronto vs kawhi

The two stars involved in the trade were notified before the news went public. 

This page will be updated when more information becomes available.

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Reports: Portland actively involved in Kawhi trade deals

According to multiple reports, the Portland Trailblazers have expressed interest in San Antonio Spurs’ superstar Kawhi Leonard after a phone call between the two parties took place. A report written by Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelburne of ESPN states that the Trailblazers enter their name on the list of teams that have contacted the Spurs via phone calls, joining teams like the Clippers, Nuggets, Suns, Raptors, and Wizards on that list.

San Antonio Spurs v Denver Nuggets

Kawhi has made his intentions clear with the Spurs: He would like to be traded to LA

While the phone call reportedly generated little to no promise, it does say something about the Trailblazers as an organization for reaching out to the Spurs. The Trailblazers haven’t had much success in the playoffs as of late, despite having solid regular seasons. In a universe where the Trailblazers are able to offer and receive Kawhi Leonard, the teams value and potential would skyrocket, not to mention the fact that a player like Kawhi would help them succeed in the playoffs. This outcome seems highly unlikely though, as the Blazers don’t seem to be willing to break up their young core and the offer didn’t seem to be to serious towards the Spurs.

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The Kawhi Report: The latest buzz surrounding the Spurs’ Superstar

The mystery surrounding San Antonio Spurs’ superstar Kawhi Leonard during the NBA season has seemingly made a perfect entrance into free agency as numerous reports have surrounded the 27 year-old and his failing relationship with his organization.

The young superstar has long been deemed mysterious, but nothing previously said about him would compare to what could be said about him after this season. In a season that was full of chaos, mystery and “betrayal”, Kawhi has kept his focus in the same place: going to LA.

To better understand the situation, you must first understand what led to the issues. Kawhi suffered a quad injury early in the year and, later on in the year, the Spurs’ medical team deemed him “ready for action.” Kawhi felt as if his injury was not being understood by the team doctors and was being mishandled by them. People in Kawhi’s “circle” convinced him to seek several opinions from different doctors until they found one who agreed with them. Teammates and former players commented on the severity of the situation, some taking different views than others, causing tension between Kawhi and the Spurs.

When free agency finally knocked on the Spurs’ door this summer, Kawhi’s demand was clear: trade me to LA.

So that about brings us to the present, where trade talks between Magic Johnson and the Spurs are rumored to have failed thus far, unfortunately for Kawhi. In recent days though, a report has surfaced saying that San Antonio was willing to trade Kawhi to the Lakers for Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, two first round picks and two draft pick swaps. The most likely reason the Lakers have yet to bite on this offer is because Magic Johnson has said he would like to keep his young core together. He also stated that Kyle Kuzma will not be involved in any trade talks this off-season.

The next report that is leading Lakers’ fans to believe Kawhi may not play in the purple and gold states that he would rather play on teams such as the 76ers or the Clippers, simply because he would rather not play on a LeBron-led team. The most likely reason for his thinking is because he would rather not play along side LeBron as a second-option on offense, being that he has yet to play that role on a team in his career. Another possible reason Kawhi would think this way is that if he believes that the Lakers will not change their minds in trade talks, then he can still join the Clippers, another LA team, and could still be the first option on that squad.

One of the latest reports released about him is possibly the strangest one the NBA world has heard thus far. It came from ESPN’s Michael Wright on his “Back to Back” podcast and it runs like this:

“There was a point during [Kawhi’s] rehab process in New York that some of the Spurs [associates] went out to see him in New York. As soon as those guys arrived at the building, Kawhi’s people grabbed him and sequestered him to another part of the building. And so the Spurs’ people couldn’t even see him”

This report only adds to the mixture of mystery surrounding the dysfunctional relationship between Kawhi and the Spurs organization.

When reading these reports, you must keep in mind that the Spurs hold a certain amount of leverage in this situation as Kawhi does not become a free agent until next summer, meaning that the Spurs do not have to deal him immediately. Although it does put a bit of pressure on the Spurs to deal him now because if they wait until next season, they run the risk of letting him walk as a free agent.

This situation will likely be the most polarizing story to follow as the NBA’s free agency period continues to roll on.

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